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Video: The Best of Buenos Aires: A Monograms Tour with a Local Host

Posted on 03/09/2018 in Buenos Aires F.D.
Buenos Aires ranks high on travel bucket lists: an exciting, European-influenced city in a remote country, renowned for a passionate history and punching above its weight in contributions to global culture. Argentina has given the world the breathtaking music and dance of tango, the legendary Eva Peron (immortalized in the timeless musical Evita!), some of the New World's best wines...

Video: Silversea's Exclusive Carnaval Experience in Rio

Posted on 02/07/2018 in Rio de Janeiro
Rio's annual pre-Lent extravaganza, Carnaval is the highlight of Rio's – and the party world's – calendar. It runs every year in the 5 days leading up to Ash Wednesday, culminating on Mardi Gras.  But not everyone can make it to the throbbing excitement of Carnaval in that short window.   If you missed what many consider the sexiest party...