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5 Daily escapes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an adventure seeker’s haven. It is endowed with two beautiful coastlines, a stable government, a large population of educated labor force and well developed travel infrastructure. Asked which the best vacation location is south of Mexico, it might not be hard to determine since the only countries that come in close contention are Chile and Brazil. Below is a list of the top rated activities that draw huge crowds to Costa Rica.

1. Canopy Tour at Manuel Antonio National Park

What is a better way to see the Central American jungle than on a zip line? You will get hooked on a harness that is attached to a zip line and you will take the tour at a dizzying speed - you get to fly over the canopy and feel the adrenaline pumping through your system.

2. Hike into the volcanic ravines of Arenal National Park

If there is something more dangerous than hiking into a national park that has an active volcano, then I would like to know...for now, I will say you are crazy to be even within a mile of the volcano, let alone on its foothills. All in all, it is one of the most satisfying experiences ever - and the reason why you will throw caution to the wind and attempt this.

3. Raft at Pacuare River

Again, this is one of the greatest rivers on earth to take your paddles and navigate a boat through the rapids, twists and corners. The category IV and V rapids notwithstanding, people have said that this is the best place to have a rafting experience that you will never forget.

4. Jungle Safari at Tortuguero

Do you feel like watching some wildlife in Costa Rica? You cannot have a better jungle experience than in the Tortuguero. Here, you get up-close to animals such as caimans, jaguars, tapirs, massive leatherback, hawksbill, and Caribbean green sea turtles.

5. Tamarindo for surfers

Costa Rica has the Central American's largest concentration of mapped surfing breaks. In particular, the party town of Tamarindo is specially loved by surfers who enjoy great nightlife after a day out on the water surfing.

Costa Rica offers the ideal holiday package that comprises of rich culture, great cuisines, great beaches, great adventure experiences, peaceful political them. If this blog has not turned you into a believer, then head out to the country and experience the real thing.

By Kennedy Runo in Costa Rica

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