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5 Places to Celebrate Your Engagement in Paris

You're engaged! Congratulations! Of course, being in Paris, France to propose is classy, but now you need to celebrate!

Choosing the place to propose was difficult. Finding the right ring, exhausting. Getting to Paris, France without the least bit suspicion, almost impossible. But, you did it and now heave a bit sigh, that part is over.

A celebration of the upcoming nuptials is a must. You are in Paris! The things you could do! Fortunately, there are a few good spots already picked out. Just chose one and be on your way.

Take a dinner cruise just for two on the Seine. Call ahead for reservations and don't be late. You don't want it leaving without you.

Take your special someone to get a chocolate massage. What's Paris without a bit of chocolate anyway. Have some champagne, too. It'll lighten the mood and have you laughing with one another in no time.

Leave the city behind and take a picnic lunch with you. Just the two of you or the family can have a picnic at Bois de Boulogne. Set sail on the lake or sit in the park and enjoy the company with you.

While talking about marriage, take a look at a grand church to remind yourselves of the beauty of the union. The Sacre Coeur Basilica is free to get into, so take a look around and find some beauty everywhere.

Take a stroll through the gardens. Luxembourg Gardens, to be exact. Sit on the grounds and enjoy the sights and sounds of the surrounding gardens.

Being in Paris, France doesn't have to be about the Eiffel Tower unless you absolutely want it to be. There are plenty of romantic sights and areas for you and your special someone to celebrate an engagement.

By Blogger007 in Paris

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