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The Top South American Honeymoon Destinations

Getting married is one of life's great milestone events and planning and executing the perfect wedding is something that every engaged couple wants to do. What they usually want just as much, however, is to plan the perfect honeymoon and South America has some of the most exciting locations for honeymooners to spend that (ideally) once-in-a-lifetime vacation together.

The perfect honeymoon should be in a place of enchantment and romance. It should be somewhere that will provide an idyllic setting for a newly married husband and wife to launch their new life together.

But every couple has a different idea of what exactly makes for the perfect honeymoon. Some like a secluded, tranquil location while others may want to be more active and have something of an adventure. No matter what the preference though, South America is sure to have exactly what any newlywed couple might want in their honeymoon.

Machu Picchu in Peru is a favorite location for honeymooners and has been for years. Watching the sunrise from the top of this 15th-century 8,000-foot high Inca site will make you and your new spouse feel like you are at the center of the universe.

Torres del Paine is a commune located on the north eastern border of Chile. Couples can stay in any of the cozy, rustic little hotels that dot the area and enjoy guided tours of the stunning landscape and Patagonian fields.

Ilha Grande, translated from Portuguese as the "Big Island" just might be the perfect honeymoon destination no matter what your taste and preference. Gas powered vehicles are banned from this island paradise located just off the coast of Brazil.

The total absence of cars and trucks combined with the peaceful serenity, beautiful scenery, and collection of quaint hotel accommodations make Ilha Grande a picturesque and memorable honeymoon spot for any couple.

The honeymoon is an important element of any wedding and as such it should be a very special occasion worthy of an equally special place to spend it. Investing your (or the bride's parents') hard earned money on a South American honeymoon is sure to be a great investment and a great way to start your life together as husband and wife.

By Avon Alexander in South America

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