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Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in Cayman Islands

Go ahead and book a vacation of a lifetime. Better yet, find out why the Cayman islands will rock your travel world. Suggestion; upon arrival, why not start off your vacation by checking out the following top restaurants?

1. Dukes - This is the favorite hangout for the locals. It is located on the 7-Mile Beach and serves the best Cayman jerk chicken. Other dishes you can sample here include; short ribs braised in local beer, steamed pots of lobster and lemongrass, cocktails and tartar sauce etc.

2. Run Point - I am a sucker for good catamaran rides...perhaps this is why I have a bias for this eatery. It is perched on an idyllic corner in the Grand Cayman. The beach has shallow waters and is especially ideal for those travelling with kids. Make sure you order a cocktail known as mudslides. The restaurant bills itself as the best place on the island to sample international fair.

3. Sunshine Grill - This is Grand Cayman's best kept secret. It is hidden away behind the Sunshine Suites Hotel. The signature dish to order here is mahi tacos topped with avocado sauce, Swiss cheese and cabbages. Trust me; this restaurant will live up to the hype and then some.

Welcome to the Cayman Islands!

By Kennedy Runo in Cayman Islands

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