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Travel Tips:How to choose a destination for a honeymoon

Everybody wants their honeymoon to be memorable - and they should...which other time are you going to be so carefree and happy? Trust me; your honeymoon ought to be the most special time in your lifetime, and the destination you choose to have it will play a big part in making it memorable. Below are a few factors that are going to influence the decision on where to spend your honeymoon.

1. Weather

I guess this facto depends on the couple. You will need to ask yourself, do we both love the sun? If the destination is not sunny, is our honeymoon totally ruined? Do we love winter games and do we feel alright spending the entire honeymoon indoors? You will need to choose a destination that complements your idea of a honeymoon. If your perfect honeymoon should be spent on the beach, then the Caribbean Islands and African Coast should suffice. If you love the ice, then France, Austria, and Switzerland might be a better bet.

2. Budget

If you have a large budget for the honeymoon, then there is virtually no place that you cannot go. If however you are operating from a tight budget, you would want to choose a destination that you can afford, and one that allows you to have as much fun as you can squeeze out of your small budget. You cannot go to the Caribbean’s or Hawaii if your budget allows you to go to Miami...No matter how important a honeymoon is, it is not worth starting off your marriage with financial strain.

3. What does he/she want?

Make sure that your destination is ideal for both of you. This is not a time to show off your skiing expertise while your partner cannot join you. It is not a time to go on an African jungle tour while your partner hates the wild. It is a time to do things together. Things that you both love!

4. Planning

Imagine the shock on your lover's face once he/she realizes that they are going to spend their first two nights of honeymoon in cheap motels just because you did not plan for your accommodation well. Always make your honeymoon plans as part of the elaborate wedding plans. After all, this is the time you will spend a lot of time with the person you love...

5. Activities

Do you want a relaxed honeymoon or an action packed honeymoon? Determining this is important as it will give you guidance on the destination that is ideal for you. Coastal destinations are ideal for relaxation while the jungle destinations are ideal for action-packed, thrilling experiences.

Whatever destination you choose must meet the approval of your better half. You must make a real effort to make each other happy...this is the stuff that fond memories are made of and it is the fond memories that keep the marriage intact when it hits some rough patch.


By Kennedy Runo

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